NFVNS 2015


Keynote 1 – Responding to Self-Neglect: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective (by Ms Lori Delagrammatikas) 


Keynote 2 - Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Abuse and Neglect: a U.S. Experience (By Ms Page Ulrey)


Workshop 1 – Key Issues on intervening and working with self-neglect cases from a multi-disciplinary point of view (by Ms Lori Delagrammatikas)


Workshop 2 - Key issues in community responses to detection, investigation and intervention of vulnerable adult abuse and neglect cases (By Ms Page Ulrey)


Protection of Vulnerable Adults Video - Part 1



NFVNS 2014


Keynote 1 - Child Abuse and Victims with Disabilities (by Dr Scott Modell) 

Keynote 2 -Elder Abuse, Capacity and Undue Influence (by Ms Lisa Nerenberg)

Workshop 1a - Working with Perpetrators with Mental Health Concerns (by Ms Pang Kee Tai)

Workshop 1b (Part 1) Setting the Legal Context Protecting People with Mental Incapacity (by Mr Daniel Koh)

Workshop 1b (Part 2) Disability Abuse and Family Violence (by Ms Agnes Chia)

Workshop 1c Working with Elder Abuse Cases in the Community and Medical Social Work Setting (by Mr Timothy Chua and Ms Tan Jie Xin)

Workshop 1d - The Words of an Old Woman Fact or Fiction by Ms Suriana Bte Mohd Shah

Workshop 2a - Safety Systems in Child Welfare (by Dr Scott Modell)






Family Violence
Family Violence(English)
Child Abuse 
Child Abuse(English)
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Shaken Baby Syndrome(English)
Spousal Abuse 
Spousal Abuse(English)
Elder Abuse 
Elder Abuse(English)
Dating Violence 
Dating Violence(English)
Child Sexual Abuse 
Child Sexual Abuse(English)
Child Sexual Abuse 
Abuse of Vulnerable Adults(English)